Bents, Brights, and Ortho Catholics Discuss Gay Issues

For some time, I have been tracking Gil Bailie’s blogspot at The blog, which he calls “Reflections on Faith and Culture,” channels the Catholic Church’s official positions regarding homosexuality, contraception, abortion, and other family and sexuality issues. To Bailie’s credit, however, he appears to allow a reasonably unfettered discussion, inclusive of dissenting opinions, even when they so obviously make him uneasy (e.g., his recent remark, on May 5, that he would “love to wish away this entire conversation”).

Since October of last year, Bailie’s blog has generously hosted a succession of very engaging discussions about marriage equality, hate crimes legislation, and other issues of particular interest to the LGBT community, and these discussions have included a host of voices from both the “bents” and the “brights.” Here are the topics. (If you navigate directly to the comments pages, be sure to click “Show Original Post” at the top of each column of comments.)

Pope Benedict’s verdict on condom use in Africa
(April 2, 2009: “We’ve Come a Long Way…”)

Hate Crimes, Marriage Equality
(May 2 2009: “Totalitarian Tolerance”)
(May 5, 2009: “Other Angles on the Same Issue”)
(May 7, 2009: “Processing Down the Aisle…”)
(October 20, 2008: “The Old Gil Bailie…”)

Anti-Gay Bigotry
(February 1, 2009: “Britain, a ‘moral slum’…)


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