Same-Sex Marriage and Civilizational Collapse

destructiondetail470In a recent blog comment, Mark Gordon decries what he sees as attacks on “the Christian moral tradition that holds homosexuality to be gravely disordered and sinful.” And he continues (still within the context of a discussion about homosexuality):

I named my blog “Suicide of the West” in recognition that we are entering the end-stages of a civilizational collapse, heralded (as all such collapses are) by the abandonment of sexual morality and the destruction of the family.

We have heard such sentiments a lot lately from religious and political leaders and from conservative talk-show hosts. So we learn from Dennis Prager (talk-show host) that same-sex marriages are like Islamic suicide bombings, and from James Dobson of Focus on the Family, we learn that same-sex marriage is a greater threat than terrorism because it will “destroy us from within.” Mike Huckabee, during the primaries leading up to the 2008 presidential elections, claimed that “there’s never been a civilization that has rewritten what marriage and family means and survived.”

Is this all just hyperbole, or do these individuals really fear that civilizational collapse will follow on the heels of same-sex marriage?

My partner and I have been in a loving and committed relationship for nearly ten years. He enjoys gardening and distance running, and I play the piano and do artwork in my spare time. We have a cat, and we both enjoy fine cuisine. Life is good.

We own a townhome in a city known for its progressive attitudes about homosexuality, and our particular neighborhood, in a charming older part of the city, is filled with gay and lesbian households. These couples are relatively affluent, many of the individuals are community leaders, and, like us, they hold jobs and pay taxes. Many of them support the arts, and many belong to local churches. Some of them are also raising children.

Somehow, I don’t see any of the signs of civilizational collapse here. Instead, what I see are ordinary people trying to manage their lives with as much wisdom and dignity as possible.

When I asked my partner if he thought he might be causing civilizational collapse, he replied, “I really doubt it, but it makes me feel awfully important.”

My partner and I are not “destroying” the family. Instead, we have created one, and we are committed to its preservation.

When we consider all the real threats to our planet—especially environmental collapse, overpopulation, water scarcity, and food shortages—we have to wonder why same-sex marriage inspires so much fear. Mark Gordon of the Suicide of the West blog is like a passenger on the sinking Titanic who complains to the porter about two guys kissing in the next cabin.


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