The GOP: Political Party or Religious Movement?

Andrew Sullivan, author of The Conservative Soul, looks deep into the soul of GOP and finds it has become a religious movement.


“If your view of conservatism is one rooted in an instinctual, but agile, defense of tradition, in a belief in practical wisdom that alters constantly with circumstance, in moderation and the defense of the middle class as the stabilizing ballast of democracy, in limited but strong government … then the GOP is no longer your party (or mine).

“Religion has replaced all of this, reordered it, and imbued the entire political-economic-religious package with zeal. And the zealous never compromise. They don’t even listen.”

Read the entire article here.


One Response to “The GOP: Political Party or Religious Movement?”

  1. Vadim Says:

    This is a profound deception. Voters’ right to have religious views does not diminish their ability to participate in the government process. It could be said that the Democrat party is a party of blacks and homosexuals.

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