New Study Dispels Two Myths About Gay Men’s Sexuality

Researchers at George Mason University and Indiana University have published results of a study that dispels two major myths about sexual practices of gay men. The study, published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is significant for its size and its methodology, which involved asking nearly 25,000 men only about their most recent sexual encounter.

Most prior research on gay men’s sexual behavior was directed toward disease prevention and ignored the complexity of their sexual lives.

Myth #1: Gay Sex equals anal sex.

Truth: Anal sex was in fact the least common behavior reported in the study.

Myth: One-night stands are the rule among gay men.

Truth: More than 40% of respondents reported that their most recent sexual partner was  a boyfriend or a partner in a committed relationship. (An earlier study revealed a 50% figure for heterosexual men, which is surprisingly low considering the incentives they are given for marrying.)

Read more about the study here.


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