What if Jesus Had Been Aborted?

[Hat tip to Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches]

The pious folks at the Manhattan Declaration website must have been short on Christmas-themed content  this year. So they came up with this doozie. I can see them sitting around the table brain-storming. Only trouble is, their meeting was scheduled to begin immediately following the annual Christmas party at Joe’s Tavern down the street. To make things worse, there were a couple of jokers on the committee, so this is what they came up with:

If Jesus had been aborted, …

  • There would be no great cathedrals in Europe.
  • Michelangelo wouldn’t have painted the Sistine Chapel. In fact there wouldn’t be a Sistine Chapel. Or a Vatican!
  • Bach and Mozart would have been lesser composers.
  • America might not have been discovered.
  • There would be no Declaration of Independence and no U.S. Constitution.
  • Israel would have no strong allies and there would be no reason to travel there.
  • There would be no wine.
  • We wouldn’t have a Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day, or Columbus Day.

Yes, the world would be a very different place. Please feel free to send your own ideas about how different the world would be.

Coming Soon: What if Hitler Had Been Aborted?

Also see: the continuation of this post.


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