Rick Santorum’s Fact-Free and Logic-Tight Bubble

Santorum is flat-out wrong—empirically wrong—on every point he has made in this response. One would expect a man who regular speaks on this subject to eventually inform himself about it. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that marriage is in fact a right, not a privilege (Loving vs. Virginia, 1967); denying that right to same-sex couples is therefore discrimination; and gay marriages do in fact benefit society in numerous ways—e.g., by encouraging stable and healthy relationships, by providing secure and loving environments for children, and perhaps most of all, by reducing the divorce rates. Yes, there would be far fewer divorces if homosexuals who wish to have families had better options than closeting themselves and marrying persons of the opposite sex! Santorum seems incapable of adding all this up, and he’s in a fact-free and logic-tight bubble where no one can reach him. These are not the traits we want in a president.


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