Birth Control Takes Center Stage in Presidential Election

Religion Dispatches columnist Joanna Brooks writes,

The contraception coverage controversy is taking on symbolic proportion as a battle between worldviews: one is driven by the religious conservative narrative of a secular “war on religion,” and the other centers around the lived realities of middle-class families trying to maintain an ever-more-precarious hold on work and family. As one priest put it: “...I see it every week at the Masses I celebrate at large suburban parishes…each one of those couples has 2.5 kids…”

And that, as Andrew Sullivan observed, may be the genius of the Obama policy. If, by moving birth control to the center of the national conversation, Obama succeeds in turning the presidential election into a battle over social conservative “values,” that’s bad news for Mitt Romney, good news for Rick Santorum and—in country where vast majorities (including Catholics and Mormons) still take contraception for granted as a human right—for Obama’s re-election campaign as well.

Read the full article here.


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