Does Sex Terrify Religion? Here’s One Opinion

by Lorraine Devon Wilke

Let’s get honest and quit dancing around the issue with statements about “religious freedom” and “war on Christianity” and “saving our flock from government intervention.”

Sex terrifies the religious.

Oh, they’re having it, pretty much like anyone else, but sex as a concept terrifies Catholics, selected Protestants, certainly Mormons (though perhaps not their bigamizing brethren); surely there are issues in Islam, I don’t know from Buddhists, and though I can’t speak for Judaism, I invite any adherents to weigh in on the topic.

And I’m not being glib or silly here; I’m dead serious. When towering nuns tell six-year-old children that having “impure thoughts” is a sin worthy of “burning forever in Hell,” that’s a big problem. Using fear of sex to keep adherents from, hopefully, having it, seems a slightly terrifying way to deal with this most innate element of human nature. Maybe it’s just me.

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    Does Sex Terrify Religion? Here’s One Opinion | TheBentAngle

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