“I’m,” “You’re,” “He’s”: Patterns of Social Perception

For years, I’ve been intending to search out some good examples of the “I’m, you’re, he’s” pattern of social perceptions, as in “I am precise,” “You are particular,” “She is pedantic.”

Hat tip to Sophie Sommers for reminding me to find some. Here they are, courtesy of Secular Café bloggers:



I’m spiritual.
You’re emotional.
He’s delusional.

I’m principled.
You’re ideological.
He’s a fanatic.



I’m independent.
You’re contrary.
He’s anti-social.

I’m good-natured.
You’re giddy.
He’s a giggling twit.

I’m open-minded.
You’re indulgent.
He’s a pervert.

I’m passionate.
You’re emotional.
She’s bipolar.

I’m open minded.
You’re gullible.
She’s New Age.

I appreciate my food.
You are greedy.
He has an eating disorder.

I enjoy a glass of wine.
You are intemperate.
She is a lush.

I am resolute.
You are stubborn.
He is pig-headed.

I am sensitive.
You are highly strung.
She is a drama queen.

I’m active.
You’re energetic.
She’s hyperactive.



I’m artistic.
You’re a dreamer.
He’s a fool.

I’m intelligent.
You’re too smart for your own good.
He’s a know-it-all.

Mine is religion.
Yours is mythology.
His is superstition.

I’m happy.
You’re being random.
He is crazy.

I don’t like that.
You’re overreacting.
She’s manic.



I’m very happy.
You’re exuberant.
She’s manic.

I have a problem.
You’re making it up.
She’s an attention whore.

I’m tired.
You’re grouchy.
She’s a bitch.

I’m creative.
You’re eccentric.
He’s a fricking weirdo!

I am creative.
You are stretching the truth.
He’s a damned liar.

I appreciate others’ opinions.
You are a flatterer.
He is an arselicker.

I am self-contained.
You are shy.
He is socio-phobic.

I am devoted.
You are love-sick.
He is a stalker.

I’m Rubenesque.
You need to lose weight.
She’s a fat cow.

I am well integrated with my peer group.
You are one of the crowd.
She is a mindless sheep.

I am self confident.
You are full of yourself.
He is an egomaniac.

I’m careful.
You’re exacting.
He’s nit-picky.

I’m exuberant.
You’re out of control.
She’s bat shit crazy.

I’m slender.
You’re skinny.
He’s scrawny.

I’m honest.
You’re blunt.
He’s insensitive.

I take a friendly interest.
You’re quizzy.
She’s intrusive.

I speak from the heart.
You don’t hold back.
He’s irrational.

I dare to speak the truth.
You’re outspoken.
He’s insulting.


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