Maybe God is Mad at You, James Dobson!

by Domenick Scudera

Enough already. I am gay, and I had nothing to do with those innocent children getting killed in Connecticut. I am gay, and I have gay sex, and I have a gay partner, and I support gay marriage, but none of those facts has contributed one iota to the fact that 20 blameless children were slaughtered last week. So, James Dobson, stop implying that God “has allowed judgment to fall upon us” in the form of a mass killing of innocents because “the institution of marriage is right on the verge of a complete redefinition,” and because homosexuality is more accepted in the United States. When others of your ilk blame gays for extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy, I laugh it off, because it is preposterous. But building a link between the Connecticut killings and homosexuality is malicious. I have had my fill of it.

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