Benedict Defends Traditional Family in Christmas Address—a Quick-and-Dirty Paraphrase

Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI

by Doughlas Remy

[Read Benedict XVI’s full address to the Roman Curia here.]

How difficult it sometimes is to be St. Peter’s successor and the current incarnation of the Petrine ministry! So many difficult situations, so many important questions and challenges, so many cheering crowds, so many young people respectfully kneeling at one’s feet.

Among the three broad themes of this moment in history, none deserves so much attention as that of the traditional family. Not poverty, nor overpopulation, nor disease, nor environmental devastation, nor gun violence or war or genocide, nor economic inequality. No, the family is in imperiled from lack of commitment and from abandonment of the mother-father-child configuration. But why linger on the commitment issue. Let’s get straight to the heart of the problem. It’s the gays.

Now that we’ve narrowed down all the world’s major pressing issues to the threat of same-sex marriage, we at least know whom to blame.

Okay, now on to the second theme, which is about dialogue. That one, too, is actually about gay marriage, which signals a breakdown of dialogue between the Church and the state on this important issue. The failure of dialogue has led to a condition of forgetfulness about what it means to be human as understood by the Church. (Gays are not really, you know, human. No.)

Finally, there’s the theme of proclamation, or evangelization, which is to say that the Church is correct about the first two themes and, if you are a Catholic, your solemn duty is to tell everybody how evil gay marriage is. Let no one doubt the Church’s moral authority to judge gays and lesbians. She is on the side of God. Pax vobiscum.


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