Huge Catholic Support for Same-Sex Marriage

After a couple of hours spent studying U.S. religious demographics, I discovered some revealing correlations concerning Catholic support for same-sex marriage in this country. The data is from each U.S. state’s religious demographic profile that is widely available from a number of sources. The one I used was in Wikipedia’s article on American Catholicism.

Here’s what is interesting: Same-sex marriage has been legalized in only one state that is NOT predominantly Catholic, and that is Delaware, where the largest denomination is Methodist. Eight of the nine states that have legalized SSM are among the 30 “most Catholic” states. Four of them are near the top of the ranking of “most Catholic,” at positions 3 (MA), 6 (NY), 7 (NH), and 8 (CT). Vermont is ranked as 18th “most Catholic, Iowa is 27th, and Washington State is 30th.

Of the states that are considering legalization of same-sex marriage this year, ALL are in the top 23 “most Catholic states, and in all of them, the largest denomination is Catholic. They are Rhode Island, New Jersey, Illinois, Vermont, Minnesota, and Hawaii.

It appears that only the “least Catholic” states and the Mormon and Baptist states have succeeded in pushing back same-sex marriage legalization for the present.

Catholics seem to be supporting same-sex marriage. In fact, Catholics may be among the staunchest supports of same-sex marriage. What are we to make of that?


One Response to “Huge Catholic Support for Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. Thomas Hostomsky Says:

    Catholics are more educated than any religious group other than Jewish. Catholics know that God is Love and that where there is love there is God. Catholics can think and so see through the artificial and obviously obfuscating “reasoning” of their callow & ambitious bishops. So much of the hierarchy, all the way to the top, is closeted and so afraid of equality in matters of sexuality. Here’s to the Sensus Fidelium leading the way!

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