Doctors Prescribe a Dose of Marriage Equality

BREAKING: The American Academy of Pediatrics finally endorses same-sex unions — for the sake of the children

by Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon, 3/21/13

lesbian parents with childIn a very satisfyingly worded statement Thursday, the American Academy of Pediatrics – that’s “60,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults” – officially made policy its endorsement of same-sex marriage. Citing its support for couples “regardless of sexual orientation” as “the best way to guarantee benefits and security for their children,” the AAP’s Benjamin Siegel issued a statement that “there should be equal opportunity for every couple to access the economic stability and federal supports provided to married couples to raise children.” Fancy that. Stability. It’s good for children.

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