The Bottom of the Slippery Slope

Goat and sheep friends


6 Responses to “The Bottom of the Slippery Slope”

  1. XAU Says:

    This picture is of course evidence of the harm being done to the animal kingdom by Gay Marriage!!!
    Matthew 25:31-46

    (please look up “irony” before flaming a reply 😉

  2. Asher Says:

    You do understand that you’re misusing the slippery slope logical fallacy, right? A slippery slope logical fallacy is where you argue “A therefore B therefore C” where B does not necessarily imply C.

    However, if A does imply B and B does imply C then A implies C. The inevitable outcome of decoupling marriage from heterosexual monogamy is multiple-partner arrangements. Pointing this out is not the slippery slope logical fallacy.

    • thebentangle Says:

      Asher, not all monogamy is heterosexual, as you must be aware. Homosexual marriages are also monogamous. So you can only say that multiple-partner arrangements result from decoupling marriage from monogamy. But that is of course obvious.

  3. XAU Says:

    Countries where same sex marriage is legal

    Countries where polygamous marriage is legal

  4. thebentangle Says:

    Thank you XAU. I see absolutely no overlap between the two groups, except in a couple of cases where polygamous marriages originating in group 2 are recognized by countries in group 1. This should assuage Asher’s anxieties about the slippery slope.

  5. Matthias Fieles Says:

    The picture is stolen from my website. That’s a illegal act, please think about that. Greetings Matthias

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