Mixed-Media Artwork by Doughlas Remy

Electra. 20"W x 24"H. $600

Channel. 18"W x 24"H. $600

Emergence. 36"W x 36"H. $2000

Eunomia. 27"W x 25.5"H x 3"D. $600. (Framed)

Belle Epoque. 18"W x 24"H. $600

Cyclops. 16.5"W x 14.5"H x 1"D. $250

Daeva. 26"W x 26"H x 2"D. $600

Doubles. 18"W x 23"H. $400

Crux. 23"W x 25"H x 3"D. $1200

Esprits. 42"W x 37"H. $2000

Hextrusions. 24"W x 28"H. SOLD

Hippolyte. 36"W x 36"H x 2"D. $2000

Ile de Corail. 12"W x 18"H x 3"D. SOLD

Intermezzo. 25.5"W x 27"H. $400

Jaune sur bleu. 15"W x 15"H x 3"D. SOLD

Klaxon, 21"W x 27"H (arched). $600

L'Aube. 15.5"W x 15.5"H x 3"D. $250

L'Esperanza. 20"W x 32"Hx 3"D. $800

Lattice. 23"W x 26"H x 3"D. $1200

Lumina. 20"W x 26"H. $400

Luxe. 19"W x 25"H. SOLD

Maze. 25.25"W x 25.5H. $1200

Mystere 1. 27"W x 30"H (arched). $1000. (Mysteres 1-3: $2500)

Mystere 2. 27"W x 30"H (arched). $1000 (or $2500 for Mysteres 1-3)


Mystere 3. 27"W x 30"H (arched). $1000 (or $2500 for Mysteres 1-3)

Ossurarium. 36"W x 37.5"H. $2000

Pierre et Jacques. 27"W x 30"H (arched). $1200

Portail 3. 22"W x 28"H. $300

Proscenium. 36"W x 36"H. $2000

Razmataz. 25"W x 25"H x 3"D. $1200

Reve en vert. 25.5"W x 26.5"H x 1"D. $400

Reynosa. 24.5"W x 26"H. $400

Rosaire-Diamant. 18"W x 30"H. $1500

Ruins. 26"W x 26"H. SOLD

Safe Harbor. 25.5"W x 37"H. SOLD

Saffron Cream. 27.5"W x 41"H. $1200

Sean Board. 48"H x 24"W. SOLD

Shruti. 26"W x 26"H x 2"D. $600

Sunburts. 25.5"W x 33"H. $600

Tuileries. 23"W x 31"H. $800

Visages. 16"w X 27"h X 3"d. $750

Ziggurats. 27"W x 30"H (arched). $800


One Response to “Mixed-Media Artwork by Doughlas Remy”

  1. Jill Clarridge Says:

    Hi Doug
    This is Jill Clarridge. I bought one of your early works when I was in Seattle and going to University Unitarian church.
    My sister in law loves your work and I sent her this page

    How are you doing!

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