Nazism and the Church (photo gallery)

As a regular visitor to a Catholic blog site, I often encounter revisionist claims about the Catholic Church’s cozy relationships with European Fascist movements of the twentieth century, especially Nazism. A quick Internet search reveals a flourishing industry of Catholic denialism about the Church’s role in the rise of Nazism and the tragedies that ensued. Because I so often become embroiled in discussions about this, I decided to publish photographic evidence of the linkages between Nazism and the churches.

4 Responses to “Nazism and the Church (photo gallery)”

  1. John Says:

    There is much more to be found here:

  2. thebentangle Says:

    That’s a treasure trove! Thanks.

  3. abucs Says:

    For consideration :

  4. prussianmilitary Says:

    We are Bischoff relative to chief apostle Bischoff of the apocoliptic church.

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